Affirmations & Denials

I’ve been out of the writing and theology modes for quite some time. Now is as good a time as any to get back in the saddle. Here is a basic outline of my theology. I post it something in the spirit of Martin Luther and his 95 Theses (see header image). One of the greatest obstacles to my writing is my own desire for perfection, so I will intentionally nudge this piece out while I am fully aware it is a work in progress.

The Bible

I affirm that the Bible is God’s Word, inspired by God to fuel our faith and provide us with all we need to know for salvation and godliness. I affirm the Bible as the primary source of Christian theology and believe we have the Bible God intends us to have. I deny that the Bible is inerrant, or somehow stands beyond human authorship in specific cultural and historical contexts. I deny there is any interpretation available to us which is not a human interpretation of Scripture.


I affirm that God is loving, good, and true, and that only good things come from his hand as he continues to sustain his creation through his steadfast love. I affirm God as the strong, good, and rightful Sovereign of all creation. I deny that God is capable of coercing or dominating his creatures or creation. I deny that anyone fully or perfectly knows or understands God.


I affirm God as the maker and sustainer of creation and all good things. I affirm the beauty, order, logic, mystery, and randomness of creation. I affirm that God’s character is evident throughout creation and that God’s image is displayed in every human being. I affirm that both women and men can and should lead in the home, church, and society. I deny that God is responsible for any evil.


I affirm that sin has come into and (in the form of individual and collective acts, societal systems and designs, and short- and long-term impacts) shaped our world. I deny that sin has completely destroyed the image of God in humanity or the usefulness of reason or science for people of faith. I deny that sexual sin should be treated as worse than other sins. I deny that personal/individual sin should be focused on to the neglect of systemic/design sin.


I affirm that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and that salvation is the focus of the reign of God which is God’s work of completing what he started at creation in cooperation with his creatures. I affirm salvation as the wellbeing of all creation, which in a post-sin world includes redemption in Jesus Christ. I deny that salvation is primarily about the future life of an individual person saved from hell and spirited away to a far away galaxy with God for all eternity.

God’s People

I affirm that God has long sought a people for his name, who would be a light among the nations for the growth of his reign in all the earth. I affirm that God’s concerns for what is good, and right, and true, should be shared by his people as they work for justice in all the earth. I deny that membership in “Israel” or “the church” was ever truly determined on any basis other than faith. I deny that any one denomination has a corner on God or has special access to God.

Future Things

I affirm that God will one day make all things new, completing in the new creation what he began so long ago. I deny that the future exists at this time, that the future is fixed or settled, and that the future can be known by God.

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