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Hi! I’m Jon, and I’m glad you’re checking out my website! My intention on this page is to give you a little bit about me that will hopefully give you a decent idea of what makes me tick.

Here’s Broken Things, a song from Matthew West that tells my story and my heart. I’d love if you would invest three minutes to take in the music video, then read the rest of what I have typed out below.

I’m a human

Being human means I am a reflection of God’s image. I am uniquely wired and special. Just like you. Being human also means I am not God: limitation and weakness come along with my strengths as part of my DNA.

I have a unique perspective on the world that some people find pretty refreshing. I see things from a big picture perspective. I am able to look at an overall strategy, and see how various people and opportunities fit in that strategy. I tend to have a bit of a contrarian streak, seeing things from a different angle than most other people. I am a big kidder, always joking around, because life is too tough and too short to waste. Perhaps because of being a soldier or because of my work as a pastor, I tend to be pretty sarcastic. For anyone who tracks Myers Briggs, I am an ENTJ.

I’m a believer

I tell people I’m a practicing Christian, which means to me that I trust Jesus and try to follow him. It also means I’m practicing, and haven’t arrived yet. Christianity is more than a theology of information and facts, it is a matter of choosing to trust Jesus in the middle of life. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else, but I do work at integrating my faith in my daily life.

I’m a realist and I typically face the hard and gritty things in life head on. While I am aware of all the crap, I’m the type of person who chooses to focus on trusting God in the present and looking to the future with hope. So I am not only a believer in the sense of being a Christian, but I am also a believer rather than a cynic.

I’m a pastor

I believe God calls all sorts of people to serve him and advance his reign. God has given us our lives, our wiring, and our resources to use for him and his purposes.

I believe God has called me to analyze and interpret the Bible, our culture, and the people I serve. I do this work primarily through being present with God in the Bible and music and prayer, by paying attention to patterns and trends in our society, and by being present in the lives of real people. My goal is to help connect people with God’s grace and redemptive purpose so they come to live lives of joy and service.

Updated February 23, 2018

Link to Jon’s Resume