Hey, my name is Jon Wymer. I’m delighted you’re interested in my writing, which is an important part of the work I do. Here’s some more info about me.

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I am the solo pastor of an evangelical church, and I have a bloody fine resume for a small town pastor. That’s because in addition to my work in a civilian congregation, I’m also an Army National Guard soldier. So I have been developing two separate but related ministry careers since 2007.

As a civilian pastor, I have nearly nine years of full-time experience in two congregations (2 in one, 7 in the other) and two advanced degrees (masters, doctorate) from regionally accredited seminaries. My greatest achievements as a civilian pastor are that I have the trust and confidence of the overwhelming majority of people in my congregation, I have successfully pissed off and run off a small handful of people who were toxic to the life of our church, and I am still a normal guy not an entitled clergy person.

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Military Chaplain

As a military chaplain, I began my Army career in combat arms first as an enlisted infantryman (back when only men were in the infantry) and then as a cavalry officer (including a combat tour in Iraq), I have nearly nine years of military ministry experience in four units (2 battalions, 2 brigades), and I was competitively selected at the state level in 2013 for the General Douglas Macarthur Leadership Award and at the national level in 2015 for resident CGSOC (that means something to Army folks). My greatest achievements as a military chaplain are that soldiers trust me with some of the most difficult and important moments of their lives, and that I have managed to successfully be an effective Army chaplain while being a competent soldier (chaplains are sometimes known as goofballs who can’t soldier well).

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The point of summarizing my resume is not that I need to brag. In the big picture my resume doesn’t matter much. But you may not know me, and so it’s a method of establishing a reputation. What matters far more than my resume is who I am and the work I do. And I sincerely hope that if you connect with my work at the intersection of faith and leadership, you will stick around and share my stuff with others.

You can reach me anytime at jon@wymer.com or click here to join Wymer’s Wire.